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Be a good ambassador for other detectorists by following this code of ethics
for respecting nature, history,  and property owners.

  1. I will respect private property and will not metal detect without the
    property owner's permission.
  2. I will not destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and
    deserted structures.
  3. I will never litter, always pack out what I take in, and remove all trash
  4. I will leave all gates and other accesses to land as found.
  5. I will not damage natural resources, wildlife habitats, or any private
  6. I will use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.
  7. I will abide by all laws, ordinances, or regulations that may govern my
    search or the area I will be in.
  8. I will fill all holes, regardless of how remote the location, and never dig
    in a way that will damage, be damaging to, or kill any vegetation.
  9. I will report the discovery of items of significant historical value to a
    local historian or museum in accordance with the latest legislation.
  10. I will be an ambassador for the metal detecting hobby.

Be polite and informative to those who inquire about your hobby — you are
the ambassador of a pastime we want to preserve, and other detectorists will
be judged by how you act and respond.